Reptile Music started a cooperation with the french label ANYWAVE in summer 2015 and takes care of Distribution & Promotion for some of ANYWAVE’s releases in Germany.


AVGVST is a postwave project led by producer and composer Aurelien Delamour, who also collaborated with artists like Schonwald, Future, HøRD, People Of Nothing und Nothing Existed. Based on electronic devices and sampled instruments, the sound of AVGVST takes its sources in Post Punk, Cold Wave, Shoegaze, Ambient, Drone and Dream Pop, mixing synthetic waves, ghostly voices and dancey beats to create a virtual stadium soundtrack. The band’s aim was to mix pop-music efficiency to experimental textures, noise and loads of distortion and reverb.



Fléau portraitFLÉAU
FLÉAU is the new solo project of Mathieu Mégemont from Bordeaux, who is also member of VvvV, AE and Year Of No Light. His eponymous debut album contains seven dark-tinted tracks, recorded only with analogue synths, dirtied with fuzz and submerged by reverb. While the overall atmosphere evokes John Carpenter’s scores there’s also reminiscence of Arvo Pärt’s frozen minimalism, sustained by synthetic strings in the style of French producer Christophe in the 70s (on the final “Glass Cathedral) and dancefloor kicks on “The Rat” and “Tombes”.



hordH ø R D
H ø R D is a cold wave project founded in 2013 by musician and video-artist Sebastien Carl in Bordeaux. His music is a deeply melancholic and epic synthwave, influenced by fantastic movies and film noir. After many tracks released on Romance Moderne and Giallo Disco as well as a remix for Winter Severity Index, H ø R D’s new EP presents two devastating tracks: “Speak”, an ideal hit single with ice-cold reflections, and “Let Them Burn”, a technoid anthem for a deadlock party, along with four stunning remixes by Hante., Volcan, AVGVST and Black Bug.