ARTS OF EREBUS – An Open Case Of Parousia

An Open Case Of Parousia - front coverPromotion News – June 2013

Label: Sonorium

Distribution: Altone
File Under: Goth Rock | Alternative



The long awaited new album by ARTS OF EREBUS comes under the title ‘An Open Case Of Parousia’, and its collection of songs tell a story about a blow of fate and how this is emotionally handled by the protagonist.

After the Intro, the circle of songs begins with ‘On The Edge Of Insanity’, an expression of despair by a man whose wife has died – the start of the album’s story line. This track has already been released as a MCD in 2012, combined with an impressing video clip.

The following songs of the album reflect the development over various states, in which the protagonist tries to handle his loss – he refuses to accept this stroke of destiny, questioning and challenging the gods, then looking for a way to cross the river Styx to wander from the world of the living into the realm of the dead towards Erebus (the god of the world of the dead in greek mythology), to find his dead wife here. In the very end, the man accepts the irreversibility of fate and lets his wife finally go with the song ‘Requiescat In Pace’.

‘An Open Case Of Parousia’ can be understood as a new interpretation of the classical theme of Orpheus and Eurydice. For the first time ARTS OF EREBUS present a concept album, also linking their band’s name with the context of the songs.

The German-French gothic rock band is active since 2001 and has produced 2 full length albums, an EP and an MCD so far. The melodic composings by guitar player Michel Meneguzzi tie in with the tradition of classic goth rock from the 80s and 90s, but also combine it with modern style elements. With their characteristic sound the band has gained a huge international fan base already. The vocals and the lyrics by the new singer Raven Burroughs create the framework of the new album.

‘An Open Case Of Parousia’ is released on May 31. 2013 as a CD in a digipac sleeve with a 12 page full colour booklet by the Sonorium label, and as a digital album.