AVGVST – ONLOOKER [German Release]

onlooker_coverNew Release – June 2015


Label: Reptile Music / Anywave
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 19.06.15
File Under: Postwave | Shoegaze | Ambient




AVGVST is a postwave project led by producer and composer Aurelien Delamour, who also recently collaborated with artists like Schonwald, Future, HøRD, People Of Nothing und Nothing Existed. Based on electronic devices and sampled instruments, the sound of AVGVST takes its sources in Post Punk, Cold Wave, Shoegaze, Ambient, Drone and Dream Pop, mixing massive synthetic waves, ghostly voices and dancey beats to create a virtual stadium soundtrack. The band’s aim was to mix pop-music efficiency to experimental textures, noise and loads of distortion and reverb.