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OUR FEARSNew Release – July 2014

(Digital EP)

Label: Reptile Music / Scary Door
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 25.07.14
File Under: Dream Pop | Shoegaze | Wave





The Cologne-based trio BOX AND THE TWINS (ex-Coctail Twins) moves within its very own, unique set of coordinates. Oscillating between timeless and zeitgeisty sound arrangements, the enthralling and simultaneously disturbing voice of songstress Box guides listeners through dark and dreamy landscapes into the light. Accompanied by the release of its first music video, »Rooms Made of Dust«, directed by german video artist Henning Frederik Malz, the trio drops its 4-track debut EP »Our Fears« in July 2014. BOX AND THE TWINS are currently working on their debut album »Everywhere I Go Is Silence«.

XTR HUMAN – Atavism

XTR-Ativism-300x300Promotion News – July 2014

Label: No Emb Blanc
File Under: Post Punk | Shoegaze




Short Info:

Powerful bass lines meet lofty synthesizer; mighty and forceful guitar walls meet vibrant beats all complimented by commanding and formidable vocals as if chased by a mysterious desperation. XTR HUMAN are about disruption and estrangement, the collapse and the doubt. In their songs they look behind the curtain and seek answers to the eternal questions that concern us all. With their mélange of post punk, wave and shoegaze they break new ground and move away from the paths well-trodden in contemporary music.



THE-BEAUTIFUL-DEAD-To-Lunar-CanyonsPromotion News – June 2013

Label: Sonorium

Distribution: Altone
File Under: New Wave | Progressive



‘To Lunar Canyons’ is the second longplayer album by THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD, bringing a load fresh New Wave sounds. The typical sound of THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD is inspired by the New Wave sound of the early 80s in its various facettes. Guitar-driven songs and electronic arrangements are used equally, and there are influences by other styles like Progressive Rock, which lends this band’s songs a partially progressive touch. The songs of the four musicians from south-western Germany sound full of melancholy, desires, and express tragical emotions, but with a spark of hope.

‘To Lunar Canyons’ offers 9 songs, that show the huge bandwidth of THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD’s composings. On the new album the band presents dance floor tracks like ‘Neon Judas’ and also dark songs or more hymn-like wave pop songs like ‘Road Up To The Sky’ or an epic bombastic arrangement in ‘Down Below’. After their debut album ‘Moonlight And Hollywood’ (2011) and the MCD ‘Ghost In The Garden’ (2012), the new album shows a clear development of THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD.

‘To Lunar Canyons’ is released as a CD on the Sonorium label on the end of May 2013 and distributed by Altone Distribution, and it is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and lots of other MP3 shops.


ARTS OF EREBUS – An Open Case Of Parousia

An Open Case Of Parousia - front coverPromotion News – June 2013

Label: Sonorium

Distribution: Altone
File Under: Goth Rock | Alternative



The long awaited new album by ARTS OF EREBUS comes under the title ‘An Open Case Of Parousia’, and its collection of songs tell a story about a blow of fate and how this is emotionally handled by the protagonist.

After the Intro, the circle of songs begins with ‘On The Edge Of Insanity’, an expression of despair by a man whose wife has died – the start of the album’s story line. This track has already been released as a MCD in 2012, combined with an impressing video clip.

The following songs of the album reflect the development over various states, in which the protagonist tries to handle his loss – he refuses to accept this stroke of destiny, questioning and challenging the gods, then looking for a way to cross the river Styx to wander from the world of the living into the realm of the dead towards Erebus (the god of the world of the dead in greek mythology), to find his dead wife here. In the very end, the man accepts the irreversibility of fate and lets his wife finally go with the song ‘Requiescat In Pace’.

‘An Open Case Of Parousia’ can be understood as a new interpretation of the classical theme of Orpheus and Eurydice. For the first time ARTS OF EREBUS present a concept album, also linking their band’s name with the context of the songs.

The German-French gothic rock band is active since 2001 and has produced 2 full length albums, an EP and an MCD so far. The melodic composings by guitar player Michel Meneguzzi tie in with the tradition of classic goth rock from the 80s and 90s, but also combine it with modern style elements. With their characteristic sound the band has gained a huge international fan base already. The vocals and the lyrics by the new singer Raven Burroughs create the framework of the new album.

‘An Open Case Of Parousia’ is released on May 31. 2013 as a CD in a digipac sleeve with a 12 page full colour booklet by the Sonorium label, and as a digital album.


THE FOREIGN RESORT – Scattered & Buried


Promotion News – March 2013

Label: AF-Music

Distribution: TS-Musix
File Under: Shoegaze | New Wave | Post Punk



New album “Scattered & Buried” by The Foreign Resort finally available in german-spoken countries! On September 25th 2012 Monolathe Recordings released The Foreign Resort’s current album “Scattered & Buried” in the USA on CD and worldwide as download. From March 2013 on, the CD and the vinyl will be available via afmusic (TS-Musix) in Germany.

“Scattered & Buried” is a collection of remakes, remixes and new songs, that shows the band sound in the stress field of New Wave, Shoegaze and Indie Rock and stands in the tradition of bands such as The Cure, Joy Division and Editors. The release gets supplemented by remixes from Novachild, Sway and Evol, who picked the fans’ favourite songs and packed them into a complete new atmosphere. “Scattered & Buried” is an important step for The Foreign Resort and shows clearly what to expect from them in the future.


LOTUS FEED – So Close… So Far

Lotus Feed Cover

Promotion News – January 2013

Label: AF-Music

Distribution: Danse Macabre/Alive
File Under: Post Punk | Goth Rock



Mit dem neuen Werk „So close …so far“ beweist das Kölner Quartett, wie verblüffend intensiv, atmosphärisch und unangestaubt-lebendig ein Klangkonstrukt zu klingen vermag, das zwar tief im Post Punk der Ersten Stunde verankert ist, jedoch mit ungeheuerlich anmutender Authentizität und Originalität ins Heutzutage transportiert worden ist. Zwei Jahre nach „A Different Place“ legen die vier Musiker ihren ganz persönlichen, schlichtweg atemberaubenden Beweis für gereifte Souveränität vor. Raumgreifende Gitarren, treibende Bässe, präzise und abwechslungsreiche Drums sowie düstere, emotionale Gesänge bilden eine Klanglandschaft der Extraklasse.

“So close …so far” glänzt vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton durch Einfallsreichtum, Abwechslung und grundverschiedenen Einflüssen aus den verschiedensten Musikbereichen. So sind nebst Bands wie The Chameleons oder The Cure auch Einflüsse von The Stranglers, The Sisters of Mercy oder Joy Division herauszuhören, ohne die Eigenständigkeit zu vernachlässigen. Mysteriöse, assoziative Texte voller Tiefgang und vagen Andeutungen ziehen sich durch „So close …so far“ – Begegnungen heraufbeschwörend, die verzaubern und einen langen Nachhall im Leben zu erzeugen vermögen. Die von überaus gelungenen Metaphern geprägten Lyrics verarbeiten persönliche Eindrücke, die sich von der Kindheit bis ins junge Erwachsenenalter ziehen, oder auch Betrachtungen, die von alten Freundschaften oder verlorenen Liebschaften handeln und eine Tür zum Neuen, Unerwarteten aufstoßen. Zum krönenden Abschluss des Albums sorgen Lotus Feed mit ihrer ganz eigenen Interpretation des Chameleons-Klassikers “Second Skin” für einen glorreichen Abschluss, der definitiv nicht so schnell in Vergessenheit geraten wird.


ELECTRIC BEATNIKS – Our Insignificance Has Always Been Our Greatest Strength


Promotion News – November 2012

Label: Saftkugler Unlimited
Distribution: RDS/Cargo
File Under: Experimental | Noise


Short Info:

Hagedorn and Khanfir played together in a noise-rock band called Hifi-Killers. After HK disbanded in 1997 Hagedorn founded the Computerjockeys and Khanfir founded Man vs. Nature. Many children were born. In 2007 Hagedorn had some music without words and Khanfir some words without music. After all these years they phoned. Soon they became the Mites. Later they changed in Electric Beatniks. Their first self-titled album was released in 2009 on Saftkugler Unlimited. Their second album “Our Insignificance Has Always Been Our Greatest Strength” will be released in February 2013 on RDS/Cargo.




Promotion News – July 2012

Label: No Emb Blanc
File Under: Experimental | Avantgarde




Short Info:

The Surreal Funfair is Sascha Beyer from Berlin, a very unique project somewhere between Residents, early Legendary Pink Dots and Tim Burton’s film music. Sascha plays all instruments by himself: from old analogue synths to zither, accordion, xylophone, drum computer, guitar, bass, brass/wind instruments, flute and violin. Music without any typical stereotypes of pop music, experimental but catchy. “Navigation Lost” is Sascha’s first regular release – an unbelievable debut!


CEREMONY – Safranin Sounds

Ceremony Cover

Promotion News – May 2012

Label: No Emb Blanc
File Under: Shoegaze | Indie




Short Info:

Ceremony are Paul Baker and John Fedowitz from Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. Previously known together with Oliver Ackermann (frontman and singer of A Place To Bury Strangers) as Skywave. Guitar walls, drone and noise with a ‘punch in your face’ feeling, garnished with catchy melodic hooks and vocals. The Safranin Sounds Release includes the self-titled CD-R debut EP (2005), the Disappear CD-R Album (2007) and 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks.