Coctail Twins SunThe Cologne-based trio BOX AND THE TWINS (ex-Coctail Twins) moves within its very own, unique set of coordinates. Oscillating between timeless and zeitgeisty sound arrangements, the enthralling and simultaneously disturbing voice of songstress BOX guides listeners through dark and dreamy landscapes into the light. Accompanied by the release of its first music video, »Rooms Made of Dust«, directed by german video artist Henning Frederik Malz, the trio dropped its 4-track debut EP »Our Fears« in July 2014.

Also on their sophomore EP “Below Zero”, BOX’s intimate and sorrowful vocals echo through a sound nebula of reverb-enthused guitars and cool veils of synth. The song “Perfume Well” was accompanied by the visually powerful music video by director Gero Kutzner.

BOX AND THE TWINS have released their debut album »Everywhere I Go Is Silence« (co-produced by HANTE’s Hélène de Thoury) in November 2016.

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RM Releases:
25.07.14 BOX AND THE TWINS – Our Fears [EP / Digital (World)]
16.01.15 BOX AND THE TWINS – Below Zero [EP / Digital (World)]