DEAD LEAF ECHO is a Brooklyn art collective that crafts every aspect of their sound and vision incorporating elements of indie, ambient, baroque, dream pop, shoegaze, new wave and post punk.

They released their debut LP Thought And Language in 2013. That premier album was strongly influenced by many 4AD acts, brought into sharp focus by the mixing of John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, Lush, NIN) and featuring artwork by 4ADs legendary designer V23’s Vaughan Oliver which further enhanced their strong aesthetic connections to that label. The band maintains a distinctive ethos-embracing their idols, while still forging their own sound.

Their second LP Beyond.Desire finds them working with legendary engineer Guy Fixsen (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive) and Jorge Elbrecht (Ariel Pink, No Joy, Tamaryn) with artwork from Timothy O’Donnell (another 4AD design alumni) at Mexican Summer’s Gary’s Electric studio in Greenpoint/Brooklyn.

The new record finds them exploring something much more than bands within their sphere typically strive for – it’s introspection leavened with human connectedness and higher arching themes of maturation and growth that transcend the basic needs of lust and want. This record comes far closer to approximating their live show, with a scorching sound that is often volatile, rife with damaged guitar deconstructions and gleaming figures, yet maintains their eminently melodic sensibilities. Beyond.Desire shifts from shimmering to scorching at the drop of a hat held together by rock solid songwriting. By moving between both ends of the spectrum, the ten tracks on Beyond.Desire function both as blissed-out, resplendent expository narratives, and also as pure, white-noise nihilism.

Both their live performances and album, replete with gorgeous packaging and artwork, are crucial entry points to understanding the band. DEAD LEAF ECHO has done multiple tours over the past years resulting in over 200 shows worldwide. Their upcoming tour will also take them to Europe again for the third time.

Reptile Music takes care of Distribution & Promotion.

RM Releases:
01.04.16 DEAD LEAF ECHO – Thought & Language [Album / CD + DLP (GAS)]
30.06.17 DEAD LEAF ECHO – True.Deep.Sleeper [EP (Re-Release) / 10″ Vinyl (GAS)]
30.06.17 DEAD LEAF ECHO – Strawberry.Skin [Single / 7″ Vinyl (GAS)]
09.03.18 DEAD LEAF ECHO – Beyond.Desire [Album / CD + LP (GAS)]