Although ESCAPE WITH ROMEO are around since 1989, they are not nostalgic or looking back, but always searching for new ground and inspiration. Progression is a way to move forward and the new album “After The Future” is the next chapter in the band’s history.

The concept of “After The Future” is a sort of graphic novel, that is intended to create a movie with a Blade Runner-esque scenario in the head of the listener. Singer/Songwriter Thomas Elbern designed the 13 songs, often driven by electronic beats and moods, from the point of view of a fictive person, who has to deal with all struggles and joys of nowadays life.

“After The Future” is a modern album that uses elements of Electro, Techno, Trip Hop, Industrial and Rock to display the songs in a fresh way. Since the band developed their soundtrack qualities, they started to create more videos for the internet presentation. On stage ESCAPE WITH ROMEO also work with visual artists, who use videomixing as an own art form.

What started with the classic hit “Somebody” evolved to hymns like “Tears Of Kali” (from the last album “Samsara”) and new tracks like “All Is Lost”, “After The Party”, “Someone, Somewhere, Someday” and “Cold Future” – it’s all part of the same musical mind.

ESCAPE WITH ROMEO won’t forget their long history and status in the international music landscape as a guitar and rock band, but they are now a more electronic and dancefloor inspired act that never lost the sense for drama and melancholic anthems.

UPDATE: The band has announced their split after a final tour in 2018 – don’t miss the last chance to see ESCAPE WITH ROMEO live on stage!

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