New Release – February 2017


Label: Reptile Music
Format: CD
Cat No: RM001
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 17.02.17
File Under: Post Punk | New Wave | Shoegaze



HOLYGRAM Release Info:

Reptile Music proudly presents the CD edition of the stunning debut EP from the Cologne based band HOLYGRAM! Besides the five original tracks it contains four brandnew remixes by Blind Delon, Box And The Twins, D’Evoé and Bob Humid!

HOLYGRAM walk the tightrope between New Wave, Post Punk and industrial Krautrock: driving, gloomy and full of catchy moments. The varied influences of the five band members who gathered in the vibrant music landscape of Cologne in 2015 are unmistakable: New Order meets NEU! Previously contradictory elements are deftly combined into a sinister soundtrack for the city at twilight. Music for the lost.

The debut EP “Holygram” was recorded and mixed in the band’s own AMEN studio in Cologne over several months. The five songs demonstrate the bandwidth of the band without staying on the beaten track or being stranded in any one particular genre. Anyone who has seen them live will confirm that the spectrum of HOLYGRAM is by no means exhausted.

The songs “Hideaway” and “Acceleration” show the atmospheric density of the band and clearly demonstrate the aspect of contrast which resonates subliminally throughout the production. Laid back drums meet driving basslines and synthesizer melodies to reflect the conflict in the lyrics. Topics such as alienation in the dreary city or depression are explored here in a unity of word and music.

“Daria”, “Still There” and “Distant Light”, on the other hand, invite the listener to dance in the fog and strobe lights of their favourite club and make no secret of the fact that the band does not just want to stimulate melancholic musing. HOLYGRAM will present the sound captured in the studio live on stage, without relying on the usual practice of backing tracks from the laptop.


HOLYGRAM CD Tracklist:

1. Hideaway
2. Daria
3. Acceleration
4. Still There
5. Distant Light
6. Acceleration (D’Evoé Remix)
7. Still There (Blind Delon Remix)
8. Daria (Bob Humid’s No Control Remix)
9. Still There (Dreamed by Box And The Twins)

The CD is also available on Reptile Music’s Bandcamp site, please click here to order.

HOLYGRAM Tour Dates:

20.01.17 Köln, Stadtgarten (Cologne Music Week)
25.03.17 Köln, Tsunami Club (w/ Veil Of Light)
31.03.17 Heilbronn, Mobilat
21.04.17 Duisburg, Djäzz (w/ Inseln)
22.04.17 Augsburg, Ballonfabrik (w/ Fliehende Stürme)
29.04.17 Hilden, Area 51 (Gotham Sounds Festival)
05.05.17 Bielefeld, Movie (w/ Traitrs & Japan Suicide)
03.06.17 Jena, Kulturbahnhof (w/ Soft Kill)
05.06.17 Leipzig, Wave Gotik Treffen
18.06.17 Mannheim, Maifeld Derby
22.07.17 Köln, Amphi Festival
04.08.17 Köln, Odonien (Indie Cologne Fest)
14.09.17 Münster, Gleis 22 (w/ She Past Away)
15.09.17 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (w/ She Past Away)
16.09.17 Dresden, Strasse E (w/ She Past Away)
22.09.17 Hamburg, Molotow (Reeperbahn Festival)
23.09.17 Paris, Le Klub (w/ Bootblacks & Adam Usi)
06.10.17 Düsseldorf, Stone Club @ Ratinger Hof (w/ She Past Away)
07.10.17 Bremen, Lila Eule (w/ She Past Away)
09.11.17 Bochum, Zeche (w/ The Mission)