Level PiIf reading the words Level π only calls to mind higher Mathematics, then you clearly haven’t met Uwe Cremer. There are no complicated equations hiding behind the name of this Cologne Musician’s works – instead, you will find only extensive and sweeping soundscapes. A multi-instrumentalist, he has been composing and recording since 2006, bringing to life his passions for progressive Krautrock, psychedelic Post Punk and deeply black romantic Gothic Rock.

To date, Cremer has released five critically-acclaimed albums of instrumental music, including collaborations with the Swedish composer for film and orchestra Thomas Rydell, as well as the Hungary-based, British musician Dave Pearson aka Computerchemist. Cremer’s compositional approach is shaped by a meticulous sensitivity which lends his pieces complexity and depth, while remaining free from cerebral encumbrance.

Here we can find a musician who strives to combine the sound experimentation of the early seventies with the bleak pop-appeal of the Post Punk generation in the pursuit of a singular goal: to enthral his audience with a sweeping and sprawling expanse of sound.

His latest EP, “This Burning Part of Me“, is no exception. For the first time, Cremer has worked together with a vocalist, the Canadian singer Timothy Smith. These seven songs show Cremer increasingly focusing on the dark, evocative pop-appeal of rhythmically driven Post Punk. That is not to say that the floating sounds of ethereal Gothic Rock are neglected, however; on this EP, they have merely been reimagined, and staged as elegiac chamber pop. Using guitar, bass, percussion and keyboards, and accompanied by Smith’s beguiling voice, Cremer sketches a visionary reading of British underground music of the early eighties that is as contemporary as it is imaginative.

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11.03.16 LEVEL PI – This Burning Part Of Me [Mini-Album / CD (World)]

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