There hadn’t been a plan. Coming from a rehearsal she took the wrong door, tumbled into the studio and then she sang. And that was it. From then on the MESSER BRÜDER formed a trio – with her. Almost everything has changed since then: more vocals, more melodies, more aggression and most of all her voice.

Relationship is brittle but the music ties them together. On a personal level they walk on thin ice, but musically they all just fit together: electronic beats, slicing synthesizer-sounds, fat basses, cinematic guitar sounds from the steel-mill and a voice just to melt away. The music is a mix of real instruments and programmed sounds, full of surprising twists and turns and catchy tunes.

It was in Darmstadt where the musicians Thomas Buchenauer and Florian Malicke met. Somehow they both had ended up in that town near Frankfurt. Since 2010 they released three albums full of electronic instrumental music, which they also performed at theatre productions. Along with singer and actress Julia Rothfuchs the “EP 1” was released in 2016. The latest album is titled “Fahr zur Hölle” (“Go To Hell”).

In 2018 twelve new MESSER BRÜDER songs will be released on three EPs. The first part “Gestört_01” is scheduled on April 27th, 2018.

Reptile Music takes care of Distribution & Promotion.

RM Releases:
24.06.16 MESSER BRÜDER – EP1 [EP / Digital (World)]
07.04.17 MESSER BRÜDER – Fahr zur Hölle [Album / CD + Digital (World)]
27.04.18 MESSER BRÜDER – Gestört_01 [EP / Digital (World)]

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