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XTR HUMAN – In Circles EP

xtr human coverPromotion News – October 2015

Label: No Emb Blanc
Distribution: Genetic Music

Release: 20.11.15
File Under: Post Punk | Shoegaze






Powerful bass lines meet lofty synthesizer sounds; mighty and forceful guitar walls meet vibrant drum beats all complimented by commanding and formidable vocals as if chased by a mysterious desperation. XTR HUMAN are about disruption and estrangement, the collapse and the doubt. In their songs they look behind the curtain and seek answers to the eternal questions that concern us all. With their mélange of post punk, coldwave and shoegaze they break new ground and move away from the paths well-trodden in contemporary music.

MINUIT MACHINE – Violent Rains

minuit machine_cover_rerePromotion News – September 2015

Label: No Emb Blanc
Distribution: Genetic Music
Release: 09.10.15
File Under: Synth Wave




MINUIT MACHINE is a french synth wave duo from Paris, created by Hélène de Thoury in 2013 during a tour with her former band PHOSPHOR. It has been described by critics as the perfect match between Hélène de Thoury’s synthetic dark sounds and Amandine Stioui’s deep vocals, like a delicate darkwave hand in a crushed velvet coldwave glove.

“Violent Rains”, their second album after the LP “Live & Destroy” and the EP “Blue Moon”, reflects with melodies and words our inner fights, our hopes and delusions, our strengths and weaknesses. It’s a subtle alliance of Hélène’s and Amandine’s musical influences from dark wave to synth pop, from cold wave to electronic rock – each track has its own flavor and tells its own story.


scarlet architect coverPromotion News – September 2015

Label & Distribution: Genetic Music
Release: 25.09.15
File Under: Minimal Wave




In the autumn of 1981 two members of a four piece Chicago new wave band attended a Kraftwerk concert. As they left the venue following the show they decided to let their drummer go, buy a few analog synths and become Chicago’s first Techno Pop band. All of their gear now could fit within one scruffy, vintage suitcase. They became euphemistically referred to as “The Band in a Suitcase”.

In their brief three year career SCARLET ARCHITECT opened for many international acts and headlined at most of Chicago’s premier clubs including Joe Shanahan’s “Club Metro”. An EP was independently released containing the single “Rose Grey”. The song reached and remained in the International Rock Pool Top Ten for ten consecutive weeks. This exposure, a few midwest U.S. tours and some intrepid exchange students who carried copies of the EP to their home countries, achieved for the band an International Cult Status.

This record contains many of the songs that were destined for SCARLET ARCHITECT’s first LP if they had not disbanded in 1984. Here is “Eternal Return” now finally in 2015! All tracks are remastered and available on vinyl (ltd. edition of 300 copies) and on CD or as digital download (both incl. 2 bonus tracks).

SIXTH JUNE & AKANOID – Live in Cologne

sixth june

Event News – August 2013

01.08.13, Tsunami Club Köln



Das serbische Duo SIXTH JUNE, das 2007 in Belgrad zusammengefunden hat und inzwischen nach Berlin übersiedelt ist, ist bekannt für seinen dunklen Minimal Electro Pop mit 80er Einschlag. Kühle Rhythmen treffen hier auf eingängige Melodien und die prägnante Stimme von Sängerin Lidija Andonov. Nach Releases auf No Emb Blanc/Genetic Music und Mannequin Records sowie zahlreichen Konzerten quer durch Europa steht Lidija mit ihrem Partner Laslo Antal nun erstmals auf einer Kölner Bühne.

Die deutsche Formation AKANOID kann bereits auf eine bewegte Vergangenheit zurückblicken. Gegründet 1999 als alternatives Dance Duo vollzogen Hilton Theissen und Uwe Lübbers ab 2005 eine Hinwendung zum Electro Pop, ehe sich ihre Wege zeitweilig trennten. Nachdem Sänger Theissen das Projekt zunächst in eine etwas rockigere Richtung geführt hatte, verfolgen sie seit der Rückkehr von Lübbers wieder einen elektronischen Ansatz mit geschmeidig treibenden Sounds und ohrwurmigen Arrangements.