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New Release – August 2018


Label: Reptile Music
Format: Album (CD/Digital)
Cat No: RM004
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 31.08.18
File Under: Post Punk | Wave | Shoegaze




What’s the sound of infinite space? LUC STARGAZER invite the audience into their spaceship and on a musical trip to the stars. With a mixture of Post Punk, Wave and Shoegaze the four musicians from Dresden dash through the cosmos. Fasten your seat belt! Or rather: let go and touch the vastness of space.

LUC STARGAZER were formed in 2010 by frontman Lazy Schulz (Whispers In The Shadow). With the current line-up Rico Meerheim, Falk Brederlow and Michael Bader, the band – which name reflects an affinity for space right from the beginning – soars to new heights. In 2011 they recorded their first EP “Evolution” with the help of producer Rico Schwibs (Fastlane Production).

In 2018 LUC STARGAZER have found a new home with the Cologne-based Indie Label Reptile Music where they will release their debut album „Lunascape“ on August 31. The single “Dramaboy And Traumaqueen” offered a first glimpse of the longplayer. The song is characterized by an energetic, fast-paced sound framework that also runs through the entire album.

On the 14 tracks melodic guitar walls meet a bass clear as the night sky, driving drums and a charismatic voice. The songs are combined by instrumental parts and together they create a dark and haunting soundscape – the band calls this “Lunascape”.  Therefore the album is a mix of up-tempo songs like “Dramaboy And Traumaqueen”, “Lucys Eyes”, “Intronauts” and powerful, atmospheric tracks like “Brightness” or “Mr Freeze”. LUC STARGAZER tell stories that originate from their inner thoughts and lead to an emotional journey through the universe.

Performing intense and touching live shows is another integral part of the band. LUC STARGAZER played over 70 concerts in recent years, including support gigs for Die Art (GER), The Chameleons Vox (UK) and Late Night Ventures (DK). They also thrilled their audience at numerous festivals. The next one, NCN Festival (Deutzen, GER), is already soon to come.

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08.09.18 Deutzen, NCN Festival


LUC STARGAZER’s debut album “Lunascape” will be released on August 31st!
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New Release – July 2018

Dramaboy And Traumaqueen

Label: Reptile Music
Format: Digital Single
Cat No: RMD006
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 27.07.18
File Under: Post Punk | Wave | Shoegaze



Since 2010 the Dresden-based band LUC STARGAZER and its frontman Lazy Schulz (Whispers In The Shadow) are exploring the endless expanses of the musical universe between Post Punk, Wave and Shoegaze. Their sound leads through a mixture of melodic guitar walls, starry bass and powerful drums combined with charismatic and unique vocals. The atmospheric music with both electronic and rock elements includes themes around the universe in multilayered arrangements with subtle lyrics.

LUC STARGAZER have found a new home with the Cologne-based Indie label Reptile Music where they release the first single “Dramaboy And Traumaqueen“ from the upcoming album “Lunascape” on July 27th. The title track tells the story of two soulmates in a tragical way and is driven by an energetic up-tempo sound. Besides the edit of “Dramaboy And Traumaqueen” the digital single features also the exclusive song “Sleepless”. The debut album “Lunascape” is scheduled for release at the end of August 2018.

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