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New Release – August 2018


Label: Reptile Music
Format: Album (CD/Digital)
Cat No: RM004
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 31.08.18
File Under: Post Punk | Wave | Shoegaze




What’s the sound of infinite space? LUC STARGAZER invite the audience into their spaceship and on a musical trip to the stars. With a mixture of Post Punk, Wave and Shoegaze the four musicians from Dresden dash through the cosmos. Fasten your seat belt! Or rather: let go and touch the vastness of space.

LUC STARGAZER were formed in 2010 by frontman Lazy Schulz (Whispers In The Shadow). With the current line-up Rico Meerheim, Falk Brederlow and Michael Bader, the band – which name reflects an affinity for space right from the beginning – soars to new heights. In 2011 they recorded their first EP “Evolution” with the help of producer Rico Schwibs (Fastlane Production).

In 2018 LUC STARGAZER have found a new home with the Cologne-based Indie Label Reptile Music where they will release their debut album „Lunascape“ on August 31. The single “Dramaboy And Traumaqueen” offered a first glimpse of the longplayer. The song is characterized by an energetic, fast-paced sound framework that also runs through the entire album.

On the 14 tracks melodic guitar walls meet a bass clear as the night sky, driving drums and a charismatic voice. The songs are combined by instrumental parts and together they create a dark and haunting soundscape – the band calls this “Lunascape”.  Therefore the album is a mix of up-tempo songs like “Dramaboy And Traumaqueen”, “Lucys Eyes”, “Intronauts” and powerful, atmospheric tracks like “Brightness” or “Mr Freeze”. LUC STARGAZER tell stories that originate from their inner thoughts and lead to an emotional journey through the universe.

Performing intense and touching live shows is another integral part of the band. LUC STARGAZER played over 70 concerts in recent years, including support gigs for Die Art (GER), The Chameleons Vox (UK) and Late Night Ventures (DK). They also thrilled their audience at numerous festivals. The next one, NCN Festival (Deutzen, GER), is already soon to come.

Website | Facebook

08.09.18 Deutzen, NCN Festival


LUC STARGAZER’s debut album “Lunascape” will be released on August 31st!
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New Release – July 2018

Dramaboy And Traumaqueen

Label: Reptile Music
Format: Digital Single
Cat No: RMD006
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 27.07.18
File Under: Post Punk | Wave | Shoegaze



Since 2010 the Dresden-based band LUC STARGAZER and its frontman Lazy Schulz (Whispers In The Shadow) are exploring the endless expanses of the musical universe between Post Punk, Wave and Shoegaze. Their sound leads through a mixture of melodic guitar walls, starry bass and powerful drums combined with charismatic and unique vocals. The atmospheric music with both electronic and rock elements includes themes around the universe in multilayered arrangements with subtle lyrics.

LUC STARGAZER have found a new home with the Cologne-based Indie label Reptile Music where they release the first single “Dramaboy And Traumaqueen“ from the upcoming album “Lunascape” on July 27th. The title track tells the story of two soulmates in a tragical way and is driven by an energetic up-tempo sound. Besides the edit of “Dramaboy And Traumaqueen” the digital single features also the exclusive song “Sleepless”. The debut album “Lunascape” is scheduled for release at the end of August 2018.

Website | Facebook

Watch the official video clip:

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New Release – May 2018

SWIRLPOOL – Camomile

Label: Reptile Music
Format: EP (CD/Digital)
Cat No: RM003
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 25.05.18
File Under: Shoegaze | Indie | Dream Pop



SWIRLPOOL Release Info

Sometimes you feel a certain way you can’t even describe. As if someone pressed the pause button on life. There might be obstacles in your way, a heavy heart, thoughts going around your head. That’s what SWIRLPOOL is here for; for all your nightly worries and woes.

The band from Regensburg, Germany, is made up of half the members of Dress and already caused some commotion in the alternative music scene since its formation at the end of 2016. With an easy-going attitude to music, a mix of Shoegaze, Indie Rock and Dream Pop, as well as true to the motto ‘sounds better with reverb’, the quartet secured a place in the hearts of all of those who were looking for such an atmospheric sound. SWIRLPOOL’s musical tapestry gives you a deep feeling of hope, nostalgia and confidence that the film of your life is flying by, in chilled out slo-mo.

After the two singles Camomile & Tired Eyes plus videos and several live shows, the debut EP Camomile is finally released digitally and on CD by Reptile Music, as well as on vintage tape by the passionate indie label Koepfen. The songs delight with a cool arrangement, balanced production, catchy harmonies and a big wall of sound, without sounding melodramatic. As an extra there are two electronic remixes from Sailora and Aethon on the record.

Furthermore, at the end of May and beginning of June SWIRLPOOL are going on tour with their label buddies Shun. So check out the dates and come along. Let’s wait and see where this road leads to. Until then, good night and good slo-mo.



31.05.18 München, Cord Club (w/ Shun)
02.06.18 AT-Wien, Venster 99 (w/ Shun)
08.06.18 Karlsruhe, Kohi (w/ The Foreign Resort)
29.06.18 Deggendorf, Holler
04.08.18 Hamburg, Häkken
01.10.18 Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei (w/ Jaguwar)
28.10.18 Regensburg, Popkultur Festival
09.11.18 Köln, Gebäude 9 (w/ Holygram & Whispering Sons) > TICKETS | FB

Watch the official video clip for “Tired Eyes”:

SWIRLPOOL’s debut EP “Camomile” was released on May 25th!
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New Release – May 2018

SHUN – Nothing Quite As Heavy

Label: Reptile Music
Format: Digital EP
Cat No: RMD005
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 11.05.18
File Under: Shoegaze | Alternative



SHUN Release Info

After two years of playing shows and releasing demos, “Nothing Quite As Heavy” is the first proper release for SHUN. The four-piece group hailing from Münster, Germany presents four tracks that combine a whirl of distorted guitars and pounding drums with airy and intricate pop sensibilities. With their influences set in both traditional and newer alternative rock, indie and shoegaze, the band avoids an all too exaggerated use of noise and layers while still easily maintaining a profoundly dreamy atmosphere that should appeal to fans of acts such as Nothing, Newmoon or Turnover. By exploring different notions of the self in its relations to others, SHUN prove with this debut EP that a sense of being can’t be found in a single feeling but exists only in between those moments of weightlessness and the ones that bring you to the floor.
Shun Web

31.05.18 München, Cord Club (w/ Swirlpool)
02.06.18 AT-Wien, Venster 99 (w/ Swirlpool)
06.06.18 Köln, Live Music Hall (w/ Psychedelic Furs)

Watch the official video clip for “Over Me”:

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Get the limited tape edition at koepfen records


Event News – May 2018

– Live in Cologne –

09.05.18 Blue Shell Köln




Ziemlich genau ein Jahr nach dem Release des gefeierten Debütalbums “Ater” gastiert das Dou SUIR, bestehend aus Denis Wanic und Lucia Seiß, zum ersten Mal live in Köln. In einem ständigen Wechselspiel aus Gitarren und Synthesizer, das von minimalistischen und elektronischen Drumbeats sowie melancholischen Texten getragen wird, erzeugen die Frankfurter schwelgerische, cineastische Musik, die sich aus dichten, mehrstimmigen Klangwänden zusammensetzt. Ihr samtiger Sound bewegt sich dabei beständig zwischen dunklem Post-Punk, reverblastigem Shoegaze sowie synthesizerisiertem Cold Wave und lässt sich doch keiner der Strömungen so ganz eindeutig zuordnen. Die Musik wird zudem durch ein visuelles Programm erweitert, das durch Kunstgeschichte und Philosophie geprägt ist und ein filigran-düsteres Gesamtkonzept entstehen lässt. Permablond und Tiktaalik werden den Abend eröffnen.


New Release – March 2018

DEAD LEAF ECHO – Beyond.Desire
[German Release]

Label: Reptile Music / Moon Sounds
Format: Album (CD/LP)
Distribution: Altone
Territory: GAS
Release Date: 09.03.18
File Under: Nouveau Wave | Shoegaze






English Version:

Brooklyn’s DEAD LEAF ECHO is a music/art collective that released their debut LP Thought And Language in 2013. That premier album was strongly influenced by many 4AD acts, brought into sharp focus by the mixing of John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, Lush, NIN) and featuring artwork by 4ADs legendary designer V23’s Vaughan Oliver which further enhanced their strong aesthetic connections to that label. The band maintains a distinctive ethos-embracing their idols, while still forging their own sound.

Their second LP Beyond.Desire finds them working with legendary engineer Guy Fixsen (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive) and Jorge Elbrecht (Ariel Pink, No Joy, Tamaryn) with artwork from Timothy O’Donnell (another 4AD design alumni) at Mexican Summer’s Gary’s Electric studio in Greenpoint/Brooklyn.

The new record finds them exploring something much more than bands within their sphere typically strive for – it’s introspection leavened with human connectedness and higher arching themes of maturation and growth that transcend the basic needs of lust and want. This record comes far closer to approximating their live show, with a scorching sound that is often volatile, rife with damaged guitar deconstructions and gleaming figures, yet maintains their eminently melodic sensibilities. Beyond.Desire shifts from shimmering to scorching at the drop of a hat held together by rock solid songwriting. By moving between both ends of the spectrum, the ten tracks on Beyond.Desire function both as blissed-out, resplendent expository narratives, and also as pure, white-noise nihilism.

Both their live performances and album, replete with gorgeous packaging and artwork, are crucial entry points to understanding the band. DEAD LEAF ECHO has done multiple tours over the past years resulting in over 200 shows worldwide. Their upcoming tour will also take them to Europe again for the third time.

Deutsche Version:

Nach der Veröffentlichung der Vorabsingle Strawberry.Skin im vergangenen Jahr legt das Musikerkollektiv DEAD LEAF ECHO nun sein zweites Full-Length-Album Beyond.Desire nach. Ähnlich wie beim Vorgänger Thought And Language von 2013 zeigt sich das Quartett aus Brooklyn erneut sehr stark beeinflusst durch den musikalischen Stil und die künstlerischen Gestaltung von Künstlern aus dem Umfeld des britischen Kultlabels 4AD (Cocteau Twins, Lush etc).

Nichtsdestotrotz entwerfen DEAD LEAF ECHO auf ihrem neuen Werk einmal mehr ein eigenes Klangbild, das mit dichten Reverb-Gitarren, atmosphärischen Flächen und dunkler Rhythmik irgendwo zwischen Shoegaze, Dream Pop und Nouveau Wave pendelt. Die melodische Textur wird dabei des Öfteren gebrochen, um kurz darauf wieder harmonisch zusammenzufließen. So fängt Beyond.Desire besser denn je den Bühnensound der Band ein, der in der Regel noch um einiges brachialer und düsterer als die Studioaufnahmen daherkommt.

Für die Produktion von Beyond.Desire wurde der legendäre Soundtechniker Guy Fixsen verpflichtet, der auch schon mit My Bloody Valentine und Slowdive gearbeitet hat. Ebenfalls beteiligt war Jorge Elbrecht, der zuvor bereits für Ariel Pink, No Joy und Tamaryn tätig gewesen ist. Das Artwork hat Timothy O’Donnell beigesteuert, bekannt durch deine Aktivitäten bei Vaughan Oliviers Desginstudio v23, das in den 1980er und 1990er Jahren etliche Cover von 4AD-Releases gestaltet hat.

Im Mai 2018 werden DEAD LEAF ECHO auch wieder live in Deutschland zu sehen sein. Im Zentrum ihrer dritten Europatour steht u.a. ein Auftritt beim diesjährigen WGT in Leipzig.

DLE Website
DLE Facebook


16.05.18 Berlin, Monarch
17.05.18 Hamburg, Grüner Jäger
19.05.18 Leipzig, Haus Leipzig (WGT)
20.05.18 CZ-Liberec, Azyl Pivni
21.05.18 Erfurt, From Hell
24.05.18 CH-Yverdon, Les Citrons Masques
25.05.18 CH-St. Gallen, Grabenhalle
26.05.18 Köln, Tsunami (w/ Kadeadkas) > TICKETS | FB
27.05.18 FR-Lille, Le Cactus de Siberie
28.05.18 FR-Strasbourg, Diamant d’Or
29.05.18 UK-London, Monarch
30.05.18 UK-London, Lexington



New Release – January 2018

SWIRLPOOL – Camomile

Label: Reptile Music
Format: Digital Single
Cat No: RMD004
Distribution: Bandcamp Release
Release Date: 05.01.18
File Under: Shoegaze | Dream Pop | Indie



SWIRLPOOL Release Info

If only this world could stop.

When four guys from Regensburg, Germany, get together to play music, many elements merge: a wall of sound full of atmosphere and depth brought to life in the suspension of consciousness, the mirroring of a lucid dream. Set between Shoegaze, Indie and Dream Pop „Camomile“ is a first taste of SWIRLPOOL‘s upcoming debut EP which is scheduled for release this spring…

25.01.18 Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei (w/ Telquist)
10.03.18 München, Milla (w/ The Garden)

Watch the official video clip:

Get the single on Bandcamp:

HOLYGRAM – Acceleration [Cold Colors Remix]

New Release – October 2017

HOLYGRAM – Acceleration
(Cold Colors Remix)

Label: Reptile Music
Format: Digital Single
Cat No: RMD003
Distribution: Bandcamp Release
Release Date: 12.10.17
File Under: Post Punk | New Wave | Shoegaze


HOLYGRAM Release Info:

Free download of COLD COLOR’s “Acceleration” Remix to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the release of the original HOLYGRAM EP! This mix is brandnew and was not included on the CD version of the self-titled debut EP.

HOLYGRAM walk the tightrope between New Wave, Post Punk and industrial Krautrock: driving, gloomy and full of catchy moments. The varied influences of the five band members who gathered in the vibrant music landscape of Cologne in 2015 are unmistakable: New Order meets NEU! Previously contradictory elements are deftly combined into a sinister soundtrack for the city at twilight. Music for the lost.


THE FOREIGN RESORT – Live in Cologne

Event News – September 2017

– Live in Cologne –

Support: Golden Apes
29.09.17 Blue Shell Köln



Mit der Veröffentlichung ihres dritten Albums „New Frontiers” haben THE FOREIGN RESORT einen echten Wirkungstreffer erzielt. Der Longplayer erhielt nicht nur überschwängliche Kritiken von Seiten der einschlägigen Musikpresse, sondern landete schließlich auch in diversen „Best Of“-Jahrespolls/-charts. Die folgende Zeit nutzten die Dänen für ausgiebige Touren durch Europa und Nordamerika, arbeiteten parallel dazu jedoch auch an weiteren Songs.

Das Ergebnis war auf der EP „The American Dream“ zu bestaunen, die mit fünf brandneuen Tracks aufwartete. Einmal mehr war es dem Trio aus Kopenhagen gelungen, die beeindruckende Intensität seiner Bühnenshows ins Aufnahmestudio zu übertragen und einen explosiven Mix aus scharfkantigen Post Punk-Gitarren, atmosphärischen Shoegaze-Sounds, dunklen New Wave-Anleihen und prägnanten Indie-Melodien zu erzeugen. Im April 2017 ist mit „She Is Lost“ nun die erste Vorab-Single zum nächsten Album erschienen, an dessen Fertigstellung die Gruppe momentan arbeitet.

PALE HORIZONS [Compilation]

New Release – July 2017

PALE HORIZONS [Compilation]

Label: Reptile Music
Format: Compilation Album (Digital)
Cat No: RMD002
Distribution: Bandcamp Release
Release Date: 07.07.17
File Under: Indie | Post Punk | Shoegaze | Wave




PALE HORIZONS compiles 10 songs from artists which are connected with Reptile Music in one way or the other. Many of the tracks are taken from releases that have been distributed and/or promoted over the course of time. PALE HORIZONS is a journey through the depths of edgy Post Punk, dreamy Indie Pop, glimmering Shoegaze and atmospheric Wave. The digital compilation is exclusively available on Bandcamp for a very special price of 1€ (or more if you like).




  1. THE FOREIGN RESORT – Skyline/Decay

Hailing from Copenhagen, the Danish trio mixes melodic 80s New Wave with explosive Post Punk and atmospheric Shoegaze. “Skyline/Decay” is taken from their latest EP “The American Dream”.


  1. HOLYGRAM – Daria

The band from Cologne walks the tightrope between New Wave, Post Punk and industrial Krautrock: driving, gloomy and full of catchy moments. “Daria” is taken from their self-titled debut EP, released via Reptile Music on CD in February 2017.


  1. DEAD LEAF ECHO – So.Wrong

Brooklyn art collective that crafts every aspect of their sound and vision incorporating elements of Indie, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, New Wave and Post Punk. “So.Wrong” is taken from their EP “True.Deep.Sleeper”.


  1. ESCAPE WITH ROMEO – After The Party

Led by mastermind Thomas Elbern, the Cologne band looks back to an impressive New Wave history since 1989. “After The Party” is taken from their last album “After The Future”, released on Zeitklang Records.


  1. MESSER BRÜDER – Fake Fake Copyright

The group from Darmstadt recently changed their style from electronic instrumental music to more song-oriented Indie Pop with female vocals. “Fake Fake Copyright” is taken from their new album “Fahr zur Hölle”.


  1. VELOCHROME – Flood

Located in Cologne, the four-piece presents its very own version of Indie Pop, undoubtedly influenced by the sound of British Post Punk bands from the late 80s. “Flood” is taken from their current album “5 Seconds”.



The Berlin-based international band has limited the reverb-laden sound signatures from the past and now blends the melodic sensibilities with noisy echoes of the early American underground. “Even Rain” is taken from their third album “Something Like Eternity”.


  1. THE AUTUMN SIGHS – The Autumn Sighs

The trio from Siegen is mainly influenced by the guitar-sound of the late 80s/early 90s and classic Shoegaze anthems that combine disturbing Wall of Sound and bittersweet melancholy. “The Autumn Sighs” is taken from their EP “Branches”.


  1. LEVEL PI – Memento Mori

Multi-instrumentalist Uwe Cremer from Cologne follows his passions for progressive Krautrock and psychedelic Post Punk. “Memento Mori” offers a Dark Ambient approach and is previously unreleased.


  1. BOX AND THE TWINS – Waiting For The Birds (Dreamed)

The Cologne trio moves within its unique set of coordinates while the enthralling voice of songstress BOX guides through dark and dreamy landscapes into the light. “Waiting For The Birds (Dreamed)” is taken from their debut EP “Our Fears”, the first album “Everywhere I Go Is Silence” (containing a shorter version of the song) was released via Manic Depression/Synth Religion last November.