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New Release – May 2018

SWIRLPOOL – Camomile

Label: Reptile Music
Format: EP (CD/Digital)
Cat No: RM003
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 25.05.18
File Under: Shoegaze | Indie | Dream Pop



SWIRLPOOL Release Info

Sometimes you feel a certain way you can’t even describe. As if someone pressed the pause button on life. There might be obstacles in your way, a heavy heart, thoughts going around your head. That’s what SWIRLPOOL is here for; for all your nightly worries and woes.

The band from Regensburg, Germany, is made up of half the members of Dress and already caused some commotion in the alternative music scene since its formation at the end of 2016. With an easy-going attitude to music, a mix of Shoegaze, Indie Rock and Dream Pop, as well as true to the motto ‘sounds better with reverb’, the quartet secured a place in the hearts of all of those who were looking for such an atmospheric sound. SWIRLPOOL’s musical tapestry gives you a deep feeling of hope, nostalgia and confidence that the film of your life is flying by, in chilled out slo-mo.

After the two singles Camomile & Tired Eyes plus videos and several live shows, the debut EP Camomile is finally released digitally and on CD by Reptile Music, as well as on vintage tape by the passionate indie label Koepfen. The songs delight with a cool arrangement, balanced production, catchy harmonies and a big wall of sound, without sounding melodramatic. As an extra there are two electronic remixes from Sailora and Aethon on the record.

Furthermore, at the end of May and beginning of June SWIRLPOOL are going on tour with their label buddies Shun. So check out the dates and come along. Let’s wait and see where this road leads to. Until then, good night and good slo-mo.



31.05.18 München, Cord Club (w/ Shun)
02.06.18 AT-Wien, Venster 99 (w/ Shun)
08.06.18 Karlsruhe, Kohi (w/ The Foreign Resort)
29.06.18 Deggendorf, Holler
04.08.18 Hamburg, Häkken
01.10.18 Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei (w/ Jaguwar)
28.10.18 Regensburg, Popkultur Festival
09.11.18 Köln, Gebäude 9 (w/ Holygram & Whispering Sons) > TICKETS | FB

Watch the official video clip for “Tired Eyes”:

SWIRLPOOL’s debut EP “Camomile” was released on May 25th!
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New Release – May 2018

SHUN – Nothing Quite As Heavy

Label: Reptile Music
Format: Digital EP
Cat No: RMD005
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 11.05.18
File Under: Shoegaze | Alternative



SHUN Release Info

After two years of playing shows and releasing demos, “Nothing Quite As Heavy” is the first proper release for SHUN. The four-piece group hailing from Münster, Germany presents four tracks that combine a whirl of distorted guitars and pounding drums with airy and intricate pop sensibilities. With their influences set in both traditional and newer alternative rock, indie and shoegaze, the band avoids an all too exaggerated use of noise and layers while still easily maintaining a profoundly dreamy atmosphere that should appeal to fans of acts such as Nothing, Newmoon or Turnover. By exploring different notions of the self in its relations to others, SHUN prove with this debut EP that a sense of being can’t be found in a single feeling but exists only in between those moments of weightlessness and the ones that bring you to the floor.
Shun Web

31.05.18 München, Cord Club (w/ Swirlpool)
02.06.18 AT-Wien, Venster 99 (w/ Swirlpool)
06.06.18 Köln, Live Music Hall (w/ Psychedelic Furs)

Watch the official video clip for “Over Me”:

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Get the limited tape edition at koepfen records