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FLÉAU – FLÉAU [Digital Album]

Fléau coverNew Release – August 2015

(CD|Digital Album)

Label: Reptile Music / Anywave
Distribution: Altone
Release Date: 28.08.15
File Under: Dark Electro | Synth Wave




FLÉAU is the new solo project of Mathieu Mégemont from Bordeaux, who is also member of VvvV, AE and Year Of No Light. His eponymous debut album contains seven dark-tinted tracks, recorded only with analogue synths, dirtied with fuzz and submerged by reverb. While the overall atmosphere evokes John Carpenter’s scores there’s also reminiscence of Arvo Pärt’s frozen minimalism, sustained by synthetic strings in the style of French producer Christophe in the 70s (on the final “Glass Cathedral) and dancefloor kicks on “The Rat” and “Tombes”.