Something Like Eternity is the third album from the Berlin-based international band The History Of Colour TV. The group traveled to France in the spring of 2016 to record with Peter Deimel (The Ex, The Wedding Present etc) at the legendary Black Box studios.

Stylistically, the album is a departure from its predecessors’ dreamy, reverb-laden sound signatures. Here the band is heard live and without artifice, a dynamic and open recording with minimal overdubs. The album is a cycle of fractured, ominous narratives – songs haunted by indeterminate characters and small-town wilderness, stories of emotion without release, of things happening because nothing is… And within the songs’ elongated structures and narrative themes, the band blends their customary melodic sensibilities with noisy echoes of the early American underground.

The History Of Colour TV was founded in 2010 in Berlin by british artist Jaike Stambach. Over the course of two albums and multiple EPs released, the band has been unabashedly diverse in their approach, exploring harsh noise, experimental sound collages, reverb-saturated dream-pop, shoegaze guitar-scapes, or the stripped-down rock of their more recent offerings. After the first singe Wreck their new album Something Like Eternity will be released in Germany on April 13th 2017.

Reptile Music takes care of Distribution & Promotion.

RM Releases:
25.11.16 THE HISTORY OF COLOUR TV – Wreck [Single / Digital (Europe)]
13.04.17 THE HISTORY OF COLOUR TV – Something Like Eternity [Album / DLP (GAS) + Digital (Europe)]